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XL Group Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of various mechanical and hydraulic transmissions: agricultural gearboxes, PTO drive shafts, special reducers and related gear components and other related products, sprockets, vacuum pumps, chains, timing pulleys, etc. Besides, we can produce customized pto adapters, geared motors, electric motors and other hydraulic products according to customers’ drawings.

“If the length of your PTO does not fit perfectly within a tractor.A PTO adapter can extend the size without having to replace it for a new one.Welcome to buy a suitable pto adapter here.”

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PTO Adapter

Heavy-Duty Splined Adaptors

For tractors with 1 3⁄4 – 20 Spline
Positive clamp style design with no sharp edges, protrusions, pins or other interferences to injure operators.

Push-Pin Type PTO Adaptors

Quick Release Extension Adaptor
Spring loaded push-pin locks adapter in quick-release grove on PTO shaft.Corrosion resistant finish.

Small Spline PTO Adapter

For tractors up to 70 HP
This adapter reduces the tractor’s PTO from 1-3/8″ x 21 spline to 1-3/8 6 spline (540) and extends the PTO shaft 4-1/8″. It has an overall length of 6-3/8″.

PTO Adapter

PTO Adaptor with Clamp Bolt

Weight: 1.52kg

Standard Duty,
up to 70HP,
Length: 165mm (6 1/2”)
Increases length: 110mm (4 5/16”)

PTO Adaptor with Grub Screw

Weight: 1.75kg

Standard Duty,
up to 70HP,
Length: 187mm (7 3/8”)
Increases length: 127mm (5”)


Featured Pto Adapter

Pto Adapter

PTO Adaptor With Quick Release Pin

Pto Adapter

PTO Adaptor With With Grub Screw

Pto Adapter

PTO Adaptor With Spline Retract Sleeve

Pto Adapter

PTO Adaptor With Clamp Bolt

Pto Adapter

Other Products

Power ratings are to 125 HP. PTO Adaptors are available with various connecting options including Kwik-D-Tach, clamp style, cross pin and setscrew mounting. Overrunning couplers available for high-inertia loads.



You’ve discovered the Pto adapter that will change the way you connect tools.If the length of your PTO does not fit perfectly within a tractor, a PTO adapter can extend the size without having to replace it for a new one.

Tractor PTO Adapter

The tractor pto connect adapter contains two connectors, one connector for the tractor and another for the implement. The system prevents the need to twist the PTO shaft to line-up the splines when attaching the rear implements. Ease of use and prevention of injury to the operator is the sole purpose of the design.

To connect the adapters, the operator will slide the tractor and implement connectors together then rotate the inner plate in the left or right direction to line up the splines. Our customers choose this system based on its capability to save operators time while switching between implements, increasing productivity, and reduce back injuries.

Traditional PTO Problems

The conventional design is made up of three parts. The tractor output shaft, the coupler which is attached to the PTO shaft, and a spring-loaded locking device which is part of the coupler. Inside the coupler are six horizontal splines, these splines are spaced about .375” apart. To connect the implement to the tractor, the operator needs to twist and push the coupler to get the splines inside to lineup with the splines on the PTO output shaft on the tractor while pressing the spring-loaded locking pin. The required dimensional tolerance for the output shaft and the coupler is small and leaves no room for any rust, dirt, or debris. Now you can imagine the difficulty the operator faces when connecting the two pieces.

Traditional PTO Hook-Ups

While the PTO is innovative and useful, there are issues surrounding it. They are notoriously hard to connect and can cause back injuries from bending and stretching in awkward positions especially with a heavy driveline. The problem with the traditional way of connecting the implement to the tractor output shaft is due to the design.The Tractor Pto Adapter Works On All Tractor With A 1 3/8 6 Splines Output Shaft.1.Easy to connect and disconnect. No more greasing the coupler.2.No more frustration and anxiety. No more bruised knuckles.3.No more rusting on the coupler. No more twisting of the PTO Shaft to lineup the splines.With PTO adapters, connecting your tools has never been easier.

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